North Country Trail Hike 100 Challenge 2017

Hike 100 Challenge returns for 2017!

Exciting new patch design for 2017!

Exciting new patch design for 2017!

Over 5,000 people attempted the Hike 100 challenge in 2016 with nearly 1,500 individuals from 26 states completing it.

In 2017, the NCTA will again offer the Hike 100 Challenge with an extra Build It Challenge to celebrate the 4,600 mile National Scenic Trail and the stories of its thousands of volunteers and hikers.

Anyone who hikes 100 miles on the NCNST during calendar year 2017, in aggregate or all at once, will be eligible for a special patch. In addition, the NCTA will be offering prizes and free resources for those who sign up for the challenge, and a special grand prize drawing for those who complete the Build It Challenge. In the Build It Challenge, participants can complete two simple activities to help spread the word about the NCNST and get more people involved.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Click here to sign up now for the 2017 Challenge.

2. Download tools for your 2017 Challenge:

A flyer to share the Challenge with your friends!
Log Sheet (Word Doc)
Log Sheet (PDF)
Kids’ Checkbox Log Sheet (PDF)
Build It Challenge Checklist (Word Doc)

3. Get hiking! (scroll down this page for F.A.Q.)

4. Finish your 100 miles and Build it Activities by Dec. 31, 2017 and submit your completion here.

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