Partner Info

Be a Coalition Partner

Your organization, agency or business can be a part of this community-wide effort by becoming a GKO Coalition Partner.

As a partner, you support the GKO mission by actively participating in one or more ways: Distribution Site, Opportunity Provider and/or Collaborator.

There are no fees for becoming a coalition partner. We ask that partners offer in-kind services and/or products as they are able (.e.g. printing flyers, supplying small materials for workshops or outdoor programming, donating door prizes).

Coalition partners are featured on the GKO website, marketing materials and/or at community events as feasible. We will use your logo to promote your programs/events.

In return, we ask that coalition partners use the GKO logo and website on your program/event advertising to spread the word and “brand” this as a community-wide effort.

Let us know how you would like to get involved:

Distribution Site
Display GKO marketing materials at your site and/or distribute them through your programs.

Opportunity Provider
Do you offer programs/events that get kids outdoors? Post your programs/events on the GKO website or give us your materials to distribute at community events.

Collaborate with GKO and its partners to be involved in special events, pilot programs and/or promotions.

Partner with us on a special event to bring kids to your site or get kids/families outdoors.

Put a “Getting Kids Outdoors” spin on what you already do.
(i.e., no need to reinvent the wheel – tweak it and promote it as a GKO effort such as selling outdoor toys/clothes, hosting kids story hours or offering outdoor programs).

Partner with us at a community tie-in event to gain exposure
(e.g., donate a door prize for our GKO booth, help with kids nature activities or lead a family hike at the Festival by the Bay event.)

Be part of a pilot program that then will be offered in other parts of Northern Michigan.

The possibilities for collaborations are limitless! Get inspired and click here for a listing of collaborative events.

If you’re interested in getting involved in one of these ways contact: